Wednesday, August 13, 2008


The word 'my angel' connotes- the messenger of god to me!! truly Ayushi has been the angel in my life. From the day i knew she was coming i had this strong feeling that she is a magical and is vested with miraculous power to heal. I am not an atheist, but my belief in God has never been very strong. Something about her presence made me connect more to God. I could feel the presence of God around me.
As i was gearing up for her arrival, troubles started pouring in. I was on and off the hospital for some or the other reason. The journey seemed very tiring, each visit to the doctor was filled with apprehension. The problems were never life threatening, but the entire ordeal was mentally exhausting. All my energy was dried up. But her presence in me was driving me to be cheerful. All i had to do was to call her out and she would in her own sweet way reassure me that things are going to be fine. She was there for me all the time.

My eagerness to see her started to grow by leaps and bounds. As each day passed I was growing impatient to see her. I would often request her to arrive soon, but she paid no heed to my request. She had secretly decided the date of her arrival. She was keen on proving my guesswork about her arrival wrong.

On Thursday night, suddenly my blood pressure shot up and i had bouts of anxiety, my sixth sense told me that she was coming home. But i was not willing to believe it. I presumed that she may take some more days to arrive. I was completely wrong. That night i went into labour, i realised that more than the excitement i was petrified. I was sweating in the winter night!! i was screaming my lungs out and courtesy Internet, the gory pictures of child birth came rushing into my mind!! i was trembling out of fear. I could not believe that this was me.

Suddenly a miracle happened!! i realised that this is the day i was waiting for all along and this is the day for Ayushi's arrival and here i am with so much of fear!! The excruciating pain within me just disappeared. The darkness around seem to get brighter. I saw a misty picture of ayushi emerging. Slowly my vision became clearer. Reality surprised me!! Ayushi was right there! i could not believe it!! My angel was just a few steps away from me. I wanted to hold her, embrace her in my arms... i realised she was all mine, she was a part of me!!
Unknowingly she has made me realise the truth that only God makes us and we mothers are the modes of bringing these angels on earth.....
The wait was over my darling, my angel... had arrived..