Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A for adjustment & C for compromise!!

A for Apple & C for Cat, seems to outdated and the new mantra is all about A for adjustment and C for Cat, adjustment as the dictionary meaning goes (Verb) means to adapt to the new or different environment and compromise means something accepted rather than wanted!! The process of adapting and compromising has turned into a lifestyle these days. It is rather funny to see that none of us, including me are leading our lives at our own terms, each thing we do and most importantly we don't do is because we need to adjust with and compromise for a few things in life!!

I am not for a minute talking about Utopia, i am talking of the real world around each of us. Adjustments and compromises are no doubt necessary for a healthy living and co-habitation, it makes life simpler and easier, but the big Question that arises is how much of it and at what cost should it come.

Trivial issues should definitely not matter, but adjustments and compromises at the cost of once's life, personal goals, principles are very unhealthy. Further adjusting all the time turns out to be a bad habit in itself, it kills the individuals capacity to voice his sets wrong example for others too..Who is to gauge the extent of adjustment and compromise required??

As an individual we must learn to draw a line and stick to the stand that beyond this i shall not compromise and i shall not budge beyond a certain point, at the same time we must develop respect for other individuals and their respective boundaries too. This is essential because most of the time adjustments and compromises are involuntary in nature, they happen because they are inevitable, individuals are coerced emotionally, financially and also morally into it. If they were to happen voluntarily, then they would not be termed as adjustment and compromise, rite?

It is very important for us to learn to understand and respect people for what they are, we need to accept them without riders. Once we learn to do that, life becomes easier for all, mutual respect and regard for another individual's space is the key to a non-compromising life..or rather happy adjustments and a little compromise!!