Friday, April 16, 2010

My butt is hurting!!

Yesterday's work out for the lower body seems to have a lasting effect on me, from the last evening my lower body is in pain.. i am having terrible cramps all over and it is so embarrasing but my butt is hurting me like hell!! I cannot do much about it. except for whining in pain.

I went back to gym this morning, was reluctant initially but then i told my instructor that i could not bear it anymore and was not in a position to do any exercise today.

As solace and remedy he suggested we do onlystretching execises today. It took me about 40 mins to finish them, but trust me all each and every muscle in my body seem to thank me for it.. it feels good.

I was just wondering what would be my plight had i not told Prakash( my instructor) about it The point is for starters like me, if we have a problem we need to share it with the concerned and i am sure that helps!! there is no point in hiding it from others.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


It is three days since i have been to the gym and i am feeling extremely guilty about it, due some health reasons i could not make it however the bunking has blessed me with good sleep. I slept for good 9 hours and it feels extremely good. whole of last week i was sleep starved, there were times when i would dose off on my desk without my knowledge.
i am not missing gym anymore. this is exactly what i told my husband today and i told him that by the end of April i will try to loose 3 kgs in toto. He gave a weird look and told me that i have gone nuts and i will never loose that kinda weight.. well now that is surely a challenge to me and i will do my best to do it..


It is three weeks now and i have lost 2 kgs.. it is not great weight.. i know people have lost more.. but i am happy with the results coz i am being honest to myself .. i am not cheating on food or gyming anymore..

How it all began

Losing weight has been pondering in mind for quite some time now... my daughter's birth was a good great excuse for me to pile on loads of weight close to 16 Kgs..( I was already overweight!!) i never noticed it until one of my colleagues sent a picture of mine which was taken at a training session in office three years back. That foto was a big shock to me … gawd what I have I done to myself.. Btw I was not too lean or ultra slim in that foto.. I have always be the plump sort of a gal.. but now I looked obese..or rather I am obese. No one told me about it.. Including my husband who would restrict himself to dropping polite hints like your tummy or in CAPS TUMMY is seen ..or could you wear something else?? My jack head could never get these clues…initially I was in a stage of denial it was comforting not to accept the same.

Recently my mother who is of course is in great shape gave me a wakeup call and told me that I should start doing something immediately to lose weight and took me on a tour to various obvious bulging parts of my anatomy!! It sounds embarrassing but actually with my mom around it was not.. I love her having done that to me.. thank you amma.

The event that set things in motion was my recent visit to the gynac for some health reasons, she asked me stand on the weighing scale and I was embarrassed to death. I was just hoping that the power goes off or the machine breaks… but nothing of that sort of happened and looking at my weight and a quick glance at my face she asked me if I was pregnant that for sure was not the reason. She advised several test including my hormonal levels and thyroid. Two days later I went back with the results and on seeing the results which were all fine she asked me a plain question that without any medical reason how could I afford to load on so much of fat?

Actually she was very sweet to me and she gave me very good and valuable suggestions on how to lose weight, in fact her suggestions motivated me to join the GYM.. it is called the FITNESS FORCE… and I simply love the place and my instructor who is very good and encouraging.

My sister who is seasoned in the art of loosing and gaining weight has been very helpful and is generous with tips on losing weight low cal recipes.

My in laws were supportive of this and my husband stepped in to take care of my daughter in my absence in fact he is so sweet that he drops and picks me up each day… which is not a joke because this happens at 5 AM each day including a Sunday..

This is a narration of the past as I am planning to write about it each day or at least when there are significant changes in the scale.

This journey is also like a New Year resolution to me as the gynac incident happened on UGADI. All the best to me!!