Friday, April 16, 2010

My butt is hurting!!

Yesterday's work out for the lower body seems to have a lasting effect on me, from the last evening my lower body is in pain.. i am having terrible cramps all over and it is so embarrasing but my butt is hurting me like hell!! I cannot do much about it. except for whining in pain.

I went back to gym this morning, was reluctant initially but then i told my instructor that i could not bear it anymore and was not in a position to do any exercise today.

As solace and remedy he suggested we do onlystretching execises today. It took me about 40 mins to finish them, but trust me all each and every muscle in my body seem to thank me for it.. it feels good.

I was just wondering what would be my plight had i not told Prakash( my instructor) about it The point is for starters like me, if we have a problem we need to share it with the concerned and i am sure that helps!! there is no point in hiding it from others.

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