Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Reasons to loose weight

Just google for reasons to loose weight and several pages will open up giving you not just 10 reasons but THOUSANDS of reasons. For me the reasons have been slightly different and limited, I have tried to list them in no order of priority here.

1. FEEL GOOD FACTOR: who does not enjoying being thin? Thin I don’t refer to the anorexic look. Nobody enjoys carrying around tons of weight on themselves. The struggle to fit into clothes in those dingy trial rooms, eyes scanning for plus sized clothes are definitely not something anyone enjoys. Like others I too want to start wearing those clothes which at the time of shopping would attract your attention however from the corner of your eyes you could notice the sales person disapproving the same and even before you could hold that garment, he would literally pounce on you saying that’s a small size madam. It will not fit you. Did I ask you Mister?

2. LACK OF STAMINA: off late I realized that I was getting tired too often and too early. Climbing stairs would leave me panting for breath. Even if I was comfortable post climbing sympathy or you may call it empathy in the eyes of the people around would disgust me. In my head I would scream out, ”Man, I don’t need it I am fine”.

3. GOOD HEALTH: It is all over the internet that weight gain and obesity is an invitation all kinds of health problems. I don’t want to be sick, nobody does, I don’t want to be on insulin or tablets all through my life. My recent health check up showed that my Cholesterol levels both the good and the bad ones were just right and that everything from sugar to Blood pressure barring weight was normal and i was doing great!! this boosted my ego before the final consulation with the GP. But the GP poured cold water all over my ego and very bluntly told me that if i did not lose weight my results would definitely be different next year.. that triggered the urge to lose weight ( Btw this happened 10 months back.. and my journey has commenced just three weeks back.. better late than never rite?!)

Barring these three reasons I have several other reasons like all other fat people on this planet have to lose weight but in my opinion these 3 reasons should suffice for anyone of us..coz what more reasons do you need to lose weight.. wake up!!

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