Thursday, August 13, 2009

A mother's musings!!

It has been really long since i wrote something, i have been deliberating a lot over a few issues these days, and the issue topping the list is the dilemma to continue working or to sound sophisticated should i continue being a working mother!!
Obviously the question emerges from a deep rooted guilt factor, but beyond this there are several other pressing factors! I am very sure all working mothers undergo this stage of life or rather continue to lead their lives with this baggage... now I realize how my mother must have felt when she was working.
Most of us don’t fancy working at the cost of our little one’s childhood, but sometimes working is inevitable, money matters honey!! Nothing comes free in this world and with the given cost of living it is invariable for both the parents to work to provide if not a luxurious life but a comfortable life for their children. It is not just money but there are several other factors making it inevitable for the mother’s to work.
Right from the day one, when one realizes that there is a little life within them... the question to continue to work stares at them. But the hard reality slaps only after the little one has arrived. Living behind a little one in the care of other’s is nothing but a night mare. The caretaker may be a stranger or your own mother but the solace of being there for your little one is beyond comprehension. The language of a baby is best known to its mother and none other.
As children grow they are more demanding and on the threshold though we may brush it aside as a mere tantrum we do realize deep within that they are reasonable. Kids need attention from none other than their mothers. We too understand this but do we do justice to this?
There are good days and bad days. Days when the kid is not sick but it is just not okay.. now that sounds confusing right? That’s exactly what others tell.. but only we mothers understand what that means? There are occasions when the kiddo just refuses to get off your lap and just wants to be comforted. But the clock is ticking and you are getting late to the office!! For others it is easy to advise to put the kid on the floor and move on, but only the mother and the child know the pain of separation.
I used to wonder why my friends at office whined at leaving their little ones at home and now after becoming a mother I feel the pain and see the reasons for all that whining. Rather i whine the most. Now my daughter is a toddler and she very well understands that I am out to office for good 8-9 hours in the day. The resultant of my absence is severe separation anxiety that my daughter is suffering from currently. The moment I go home our reunion is dramatic with hugs and kisses and I turn into a kangaroo as I need to carry her all the time for the next 6-7 hours till she goes to bed. She even refuses to stand on her own. She gets violent towards all others at home. She does not fancy other's affection anymore. Her behaviour may sound comical but her behavior is justified. Others find it funny but I know the truth, so do all mothers. I used to do the same to my mother. Wondered how she managed with me?
The urge to give the best to your kids needs to be satisfied in the next 6-7 hours. At the same time are house hold chores staring at us. I wondered how my mother multitasked... now I know the secret. The mere pleasure of holding your little one, being with her, looking that serene look on her face gives us all the courage and energy to do things quickly.
Kids of working mothers too turn mature quickly; they understand our shortcomings and are definitely more co-operating than other children. Though I know that I spend quality time with my darling daughter but my love for her is insatiable and my urge to spend more and more time with her grows by leaps and bounds.
Somewhere deep within i must admit that i envy all the stay at home mothers!! cheers to you ladies for being blessed! At the same time Kuddos to all we working mommies too.. for managing the tight rope walk .. with grace of course!!

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Dhana said...

Good one ri... its real truth... we have to admit and walk without thinking more on this...