Thursday, August 21, 2008

All about FATHERHOOD!!

The reason for this post is two fold, firstly after reading my previous post about my daughter, my friends wanted me to pen something more and secondly my husband ( my better half !!) on reading my previous article had very innocently asked me, 'How come your article has no reference to me?

That is when i decided to write something for my soul mate!! being madly in love with him, it is very difficult for me stop bragging about him as my husband, but i have resolved not to let it shadow my article on his FATHERHOOD!!

I can very proudly state that my husband does not fall in the normal category of a usual father!! Right from the day we realised that we are going to be blessed with an angel, he has been a great support. It may sound comical but it is true, except for that fact that i had the pregnancy bump, Ashe( as i fondly call him!) was also carrying in the virtual sense!! There was no single visit to the gynac, no single test, scan in his absence. Even for my fasting sugar blood test, he was fasting!! He had made up his mind that he will enjoy each and every day of this journey.

Pursuant to our daughter's birth, ashe has changed completely.. ayushi is the center of his life!! thought she means the same to me, ashe cannot look beyond his daughter.. there is no chores of ayushi that he deters from doing.. right from cleaning her potty, changing her diapers.. feeding her, talking her for walks, you name it and he does it!! I am glad that he does not belong to the catergory of chauvanistic men, who think doing these things are so unmanly!

There are nights when ayushi decides not to sleep ( like last nite) and as usual he takes over, sings a lullaby to her and puts her to sleep.... singing a lullaby and putting a baby to sleep may sound very simple right!?? well Ahas her own speciality in this also.. the usual norm about her is that she may take anywhere between 3-4 hrs to go to bed. These 3-4hrs are spent singing.. and swinging her cradle..that is definitely not an easy task, atleast at 2.00 AM after hectic day rite?? More so, Ashe is back from office only at 11.00 PM!! Since both of us are working, the kind of co-operation i receive from him is amazing.

What amazes me about Ashe is his ability and the ease in which he dons the role of a father, i have known him for almost a decade now, his sensitivity and the bonding he shares with Ayushi is truly heartwarming.. to be precise, both of them don't want to miss out on each other and make the best out of little time they get for each other..
People may be thinking that all fathers care for their little ones, so whats the big deal with Ashe?? The big deal is that he does things which men presume that women alone must be doing.. he is always willing to learn new things for Ayushi... he is not a man who calls out the women at home when the baby cries or when the diapers are soiled!! Trust me when i say this i trust my daughter with him more than anyone else at home.. he just know when to feed her, how to keep her happy ..and most importantly Ayushu too prefers her dad and she simply loves him..the smile on her face at the sight of her poppy is amazing..!

Honestly Ashe keeps my Ayushi( rather 'our' Ayushi- Ashe hates it when i say 'my' ayushi!) always pepped up and i am glad she has a father like this .... hey POPPY you are great !! :-)

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good one!!! usually all moms will think that they alone can take their children very well, it will not struck to their mind that father also can take care of the child much better than mom. Good u have acknowledged your husband's work.

Mother is love & affection, father is life and confidence to children. They are the coins in children life.