Monday, March 21, 2011

And we twist

My daughter's day-care facility (which also runs a pre-school) was having their Annual day and her teacher casually mentioned that parents are also welcome to dance. Without a second thought, I volunteered as I was under the genuine impression that it would be an impromptu session of shaking our body to some random music numbers at the end of the show. However, a week before the scheduled day, I was asked to come for "Practice". I immediately retorted “WHAT PRACTICE??”. The teachers pounced on me and, in a chorus, screamed out: “What do you mean by what practice?”. That was all needed to see stars in the day,

It was only then I realised that my views about this dance item for parents was not just moving/shaking to some music but was going to be a co-ordinated, choreographed dance show with a partner, costume et al. Then I sublimely realized: I just put my foot into my mouth.”

The usual thoughts then raced through my mind - Should I back out? Will I make a fool out of myself especially since I had never publicly danced? I could hear a loud YES from within. BUT, then wait a minute, why should I back out? I love to dance OK, I admit I am not sure if I can actually dance - but I love music and I love to move myself to the music. Was that not a good reason to go ahead?

After a long argument with myself and SOS calls to my husband, I decided to take the plunge. I met up with three other sweet mommies. YES, I realised that out of the 50 odd mothers associated with the institution, it was only four of us who had volunteered to dance. We shared a common bond - we all loved dancing and we all wanted to do it for our little ones. We ladies hit it off instantly

We practiced hard (not really hard ), discussed life, gossiped, shopped together for costume and carried out such paraphernalia very well. As the D-day was approaching, we had butterflies in our tummies. Alka, one of the mommies was down with fever and Vijetha was tied up with family work and we stopped our practice. We wondered if we must actually proceed with the plan!!

Even before we realised, the day arrived. For some reason, Vijetha was late and without a forethought, Karishma (my partner for the day and a very pretty lady) and I started our practice to brush up our steps. Alka was busy baby-sitting Karishma's daughter.

The venue, by the way, was a school which had a decent auditorium. We started our final rehearsal in full public view (as if we had a choice. In fact, such was our resolve that we did not even mind the young school children noticing our practice which comprised giggling, laughing, curious e kids.

Vijetha arrived late. We realized that we had little choice of place to change our costumes. In fact, we were rushed into the greenroom with loads of kids inside who were waiting to perform. Most of the children were crying and poor Karishma was trying to console them. We changed in a jiffy and very coyly went down stage and sat there waiting for our turns. After two hours of long wait, it was our turn and my heart skipped a beat, but Karishma's smile was reassuring and so we all hit the floor.

The dance was over even before we realised that we were dancing. All I remember is that we groovedto the tunes of a medley of Zooby Zooby (from 3 Idiots) and Twist (from Love Aaj Kal).

Most importantly we loved the fast beats of Twist and so we had a great time. My husband and my sister in law came to cheer me. My mother in law and my mother could not make it but were very happy that I was performing on the stage.

As an afterthought, I wonder what is the outcome of this effort, I realised at the end of it that I am happy that I did something which gave me a lot of confidence - , something that my daughter will be proud of when she grows up. This was a reassurance that my family is by my side. Above all, I have earned three precious friends. We spent just a few hours with each other but we bonded really well and we shared our lives and happiness with each other. Interacting with each of them has taught me something precious. Alka's impromptu jive at any music, Karishma's Cheshire smile, Vijetha's ease in wearing a Saree on her Jeans was amazing

Each of us move around with a baggage but it is the attitude and the approach one adopts in life that makes life worth living.

(From Left to Right- Vijetha, Alka,Me & Karishma)

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