Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gift to womenhood

I write this not because i am a unique mother, i write this as I consider my daughter to be UNIQUE. Of course every mother finds her little one to be unique. She is three years old and each day of my life with her has made me realise that she is unique in a thousand ways.
She has been and will always be the best gift of God. I rarely cry and i ensure i never shed a tear before her. But then sometimes it becomes inevitable. Even before the tears can roll down my face, my daughter's tears would have started rolling down. She just cannot bear to see me gloomy. She just comes all over me and kisses me and wipes my tears in her little palm.
That little gesture is nothing but the gesture of God. None other than my mother has ever done that too me.Never ever in my life have i stayed without my mother. I always felt like fish out of water without my mother and i still feel that way but my daughter's arrival, her kind gestures has to a large extent filled the void within me.
She is a child but she has her own way to tell me that she is by my side. She repeats my own statements and tells me why are your crying amma when i am here with you? that one statement from a three year old makes my existence more meaningful.
I never was so fond of children, i was not the one who would play with my little cousins, it was always my elder sister who donned the role of a mother for all us. But from the day i have knew i had a little peanut within me growing each day, my perspective changed. Each day has been a memorable day for me.

Those little morsel of rice which my daughter feeds me from her plate are the tastiest food i have eaten. Each day when i bathe her and dress her, she religiously tells me, amma when i grow up i will bathe and dress you too. Her talks seem to be senseless toddler babbles to others, but i know she is serious about it and she does know what she is talking. Her seriousness was exhibited once when i had an asthma attack and everyone was asleep at 11.30 PM. It was my daughter who was awake all the time, her eyes were wet but she did not want to show me that she was crying, all she keep telling me was that amma use your pump( inhaler) and you will be fine.
My heart goes out to those women who are childless and i feel bad for those women who consider it to be burdensome to have babies. Having a baby is the best gift of God. You will never what it is to have your heart outside your body till you a baby. Life is beautiful, but our children make it more meaningful. Our existence is justified when we see our children turning into beautiful human beings.
I used to wonder what makes my mother so selfless, even that last piece of sweet never tempted my mom and she would save it for my sister and me. I now know the answer.


Wandering Mind said...

Very true. I agree that they are the best gifts and they make life more meaningful. You can never be a complete woman until you have been a mother.You know what they say- There is only one beautiful child in this world and every mother has it!


Thanks trupti.