Thursday, May 20, 2010

I am sparking!!

It is close to two months since i have joined this amazing community called, trust me this is one of the most amazing websites i have come across.. this is a a great motivator for me. This is an online help community that helps its members live a healthy life with a healthy weight.. the amount of information available is beyond description.

There is abundant help in the form of online friends, communities to suit our interest.. the sucess stories and motivational blogs are just great.. it is the first time in my life that i am still so focused.. i get advise from people whom i may never met in my life.. but these are the kinda of people whom we can related to instantly.. who are compassionate about what i am going thru. my friends on spark are so helpful. i have come across people from all walks of life on spark and the help in terms of  calorie watch, weight log in sheets, amazing receipes and great exercise tips are something that nobody else can help you with..

For me spark is not just another website, it has played such an important role in my life that it is my secret buddy now.. i am glad i came across this website at the right time.. now that is what i call as destiny..

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