Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dedicated to my Mother

I am mother of a toddler and i must be honest in admitting that i am very very possessive about her.. i am soo damn particular about her and her things this includes small things like her toys to what she eats and what she wears how her hair is made and which clip she wears. So the bottom line is that i won't compromise on how she looks she means the world to me and like all mothers i want her to look her best!

whats wrong ??

Nothing!! absolutely justified right, she is my creation and i am completely justified

So now taking that thought further and turning the tables i am child too for my mother,  I am my mother's musing!!

Even to this day my mother dotes on me and decides what is best for me,  she is my Creator, My Demi God.. love you ma

I truly believe that God made mothers because he could not be there everywhere for us!!
So will my Creator too not want to see her creation to be beautiful and not loaded with adipose??

I am sure she too has a point to make but she will never, coz she thinks that will hurt me

She is so beautiful and when she created us i was beautiful too..

So what happened why did i change the beauty or tarnish it with this flab??

Is it not betrayal to my parents, Yes I want to loose weight for myself and more so for my parents who deserve to see their creation the way they intended it to be..

So whats stopping me??

nothing ....

I am out to loose weight and look good for my creator, my friend, my Godess, my Angel, my Love, my dearest Mother

i will shortly post my mother's foto to let you know how beautiful she is, she has always been in great shape and looks awesome!

Love you mom. this one is for you!!

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Nataly said...

Hi, found your blog through Sparkpeople (my username is jazzedbutterfly) Anyway, beautiful post! :)